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Compensation of Tenancy Rights

In 2001 the National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism was put in charge of paying compensation for withdrawn tenancy rights, household property, personal valuables and effects, on the basis of the Washington Agreement.

The statutory basis for these activitites is the Amendment of 2001 to the National Fund Law. A total amount of USD 150 million was made available for payments in compensation of tenancy rights. It was possible to file applications until 30 June 2004. An amount of EUR 7,630 or USD 7,000 was paid to the individual applicants in the form of lump-sum payments.

The amount that remained after completing the processing of all 23,000 applications is currently distributed in the form of a second payment amounting to EUR 1,000 (second payment pursuant to § 2b of the National Fund Law). All those persons, or their heirs, who already received a compensation for tenancy rights are eligible.  +