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Claims Processing

All applications received by the 28 May 2003 deadline are currently being processed by the staff of the General Settlement Fund for Victims of National Socialism. It is only after an application has been processed that the Claims Committee can take a decision on it.

In most cases applicants did not only file claims for compensation in the various property categories on their own behalf but also as the heirs to historical persons. This means that the number of individual claims requiring processing exceeds by far the number of applications received. It is estimated that a total of 200,000 claims in all property categories under the General Settlement Fund Law must be reviewed as to their documentary evidence and from the legal viewpoint. As the available total amount of USD 210 million must be distributed among all applicants on a proportional basis, the amount of the compensation payment ultimately due to the individual claimant will only be ascertained after examining and valorizing all claims.

In order to be able to make advance payments to applicants before the processing of applications has been completed, the Austrian Parliament adopted an amendment to the General Settlement Fund Law to this effect in December 2005.  +