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Applying for Project Grants

Here you can find all information and documents necessary for a project grant application.


Pursuant to Sec. 2 (3) of the law, the National Fund can support projects, which benefit the victim of National Socialism, aid scientific research on National Socialism and the fate of its victims, remember National Socialist injustice or help to keep the memory of the victims alive. Grants to institutions are only permissible if the legal prerequisites have been established. The National Fund is not able to allocate grants to individuals.


In order to propose a project to the National Fund for a grant, the person conducting the project and/or the applicant must submit to the National Fund the completed and signed application form (also electronically by e-mail to, a detailed project description (concept), a detailed and transparent financial concept including complete financing and details of co-sponsors for the proposed project as well as a schedule. Generally speaking, only projects for which one may expect a timely implementation, based on their schedule and financial plan can be funded.


Every project must first be submitted for approval to the Committee and then to the Board of Trustees for its decision. Once a project has been approved, the project department of the General Secretariat sends the applicant a project contract, together with the letter informing him/her of the grant. The project applicant must return the contract duly signed. The grant will only be paid out after this step.

Dates and facts:

The upper sponsorship limit is € 50,000 per project. Projects which span several years may receive sponsorship monies totaling more than € 50,000.

Twice a year, the Committee of the National Fund decides on the projects for which sponsorship money has been requested. The applications for project sponsorship can be submitted to the National Fund at any time. However, in order to be able to be decided on in the spring session, they must have been submitted by 1st March at the latest. The submission deadline for the autumn session ends each year on 1st September.

The exception to these deadlines applies to projects for any type of media, i.e. books, CDs and documentaries. These are only decided on once a year in the Committee's autumn session. The deadline of 1st September is therefore to be noted.

For this reason, we request you to plan applications for sponsorship of media projects sufficiently far in advance.

Project Conclusion:

The applicant is obliged to indicate the National Fund grant by placing the National Find logo on the project. After the completion of the National Fund-supported project, every person conducting a project must submit an ordered account from which the appropriate use of the grant is evident.

Documents to be submitted:

Further Information: