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Explanations for the Applicant(s)

The Federal Law of June 30th 1995, Federal Law Gazette No. 432/95 in the currently valid form (English translation), with which this fund was set up, forms the legal basis for the granting of financial contributions from the funds of the National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism (in short: National Fund).

According to Sec. 2, para. 3 of this law, the National Fund can support projects which benefit victims of National Socialism, aid scientific research on National Socialism and the fate of its victims, remember National Socialist injustice or help to keep the memory of the victims alive.

Grants to institutions for purposes stated in the law will be made through payments from the Fund in accordance with available resources, subject to the following criteria:

1. Grants to institutions are only permissible if the legal prerequisites have been established. The National Fund is not able to allocate grants to individuals.

2. The applicants should, in particular, include financial concepts and state

· from whom and for what amount funds have already been granted for the same project, or

· from which institutions a grant was requested or to which institutions they intend to apply to for a grant.

3. The amount granted to institutions depends on the particular circumstances of each case.

4. Applications for the allocation of funds will be decided by the organs of the National Fund.

5. Within six months of the completion of the project, documents that prove the appropriate use of the amount granted must be submitted to the National Fund. These include an ordered and transparent account with original receipts or a financial report signed by an auditor regarding the appropriate use of the amount granted.

6. If a grant is awarded to an institution, the National Fund can insist on examining the appropriate use of the grant, be it through checking of accounts and receipts, by inspection on-site or through information provided by the applicant.

7. The institutions declare that in the case of wrongful use of the grant or in the case that the requested proof of use of the grant was not provided they will pay back the received amount.

8. The applicant(s) declare that they will place the logo of the National Fund visibly on the project results.

9. The applicant(s) declare that they will provide the National Fund reports, a copy and other project materials.

The National Fund will be happy to provide you with further information:

Dr. Karl Renner-Ring 3, 1017 Wien/Vienna
T: (+43) 1 408 12 63 F: (+43) 1 310 00 88