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Volume 6 of the series Decisions of the Arbitration Panel
Mauthausen (c) Walter Reichl


During the NS regime in Austria between 1938 and 1945 thousands of people became victims of its violent persecution and anihilation policy. more...


Gesture Payment

The National Fund of the Republic of Austria awards a gesture payment of EUR 5,087.10 (ATS 70,000) as acknowledgement for the NS injustice suffered. more...


Eligibility for payments and filing applications

The following persons are eligible to receive token payments: those who were persecuted by the National Socialist regime on political grounds, grounds of origin, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, on grounds of a physical disability or mental handicap or on the basis of accusations of so-called asociality, or who in other ways fell victim to typically National Socialist injustice or left the country to escape such persecution. more...


Decision-making: Victim recognition

In accordance with the elements of persecution named in Sec. 2 (1) item 1, the NF Law provides the opportunity for various groups of persons to be recognized as victims of National Socialism. This recognition is expressed through the gesture payment. Since 1995, in addition to people who already belong to a recognized group of victims, people who had until then failed to receive recognition were also gradually recognized on the basis of this provision. With its decisions, the National Fund was able to contribute to an increased socio-political sensitivity with regard to the perception of individual groups of victims and different forms of persecution. more...



Statistics of the National Funds gesture payments and compensation for tenancy rights more...