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Categories of Property

The General Settlement Fund for Victims of National Socialism takes account of those categories of property which correspond to the range of property confiscations due to persecution during the NS period.

The deadline for filing applications was on 28 May 2003!

Applications for compensation may be filed in the following categories:

1. Liquidated businesses, including licenses and other business assets

2. Immovable property, unless an in rem restitution pursuant to the General Settlement Fund Law has been granted

3. Bank accounts

4. Stocks

5. Bonds

6. Mortgages

7. Moveable property, unless such property losses were previously taken into account by a compensation for tenancy rights

8. Insurance policies

9. Occupational and educational losses

10. Other losses and damages

Claims for compensation relating to Categories 1. to 8. may be filed under the claims-based process. In this case, claimants must show, under relaxed standards of proof, convincing evidence for their claims. In addition, claims in all categories may be claimed under the equity-based process, whenever they are not sufficiently documented under the standards of proof of the claims-based process. Under the equity-based process, losses are valued on a lump-sum basis.

Valuation Guidelines of the Claims Committee