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Volume 6 of the series Decisions of the Arbitration Panel
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Decision Number WA 6/2009


  • Helene T., Rejection

Cadastral District, Province

  • Josefstadt (Vienna)

Date of Decision: 2009-05-20
Type: substantive
Category of Assets: immovable


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On 20 May 2009, the Arbitration Panel for In Rem Restitution rejected an application for the reopening of proceedings regarding a property in Vienna, Josefstadt. In its decision no. 27/2005 from the year 2005 the Arbitration Panel had recommended the restitution of the property owned by the Republic of Austria. It subsequently extended the recommendation to a total of 39 heirs of the property's former owner, Lothar Fürth. An applicant now contested the right of succession of nine applicants whose eligibility had been recognized by the Arbitration Panel, descendents of a deceased aunt of the original property owner. As the documents submitted did not refute the nine applicants' eligibility to file an application, the Arbitration Panel rejected the application for reopening.

Press Release Decision WA/RO 6/2009

Basis for Decision: No new evidence/facts and circumstances pursuant to sec. 21a (1) of the Rules of Procedure