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Volume 6 of the series Decisions of the Arbitration Panel
Headquarters of Simon Löwy & Söhne (garment manufacturers), Vienna, 1938 (c) National Fund


The systematic withdrawal of assets was part of the National Socialist persecution and destruction policy in Austria from 1938 to 1945. more...



Both survivors of National Socialist persecution and their heirs are eligible to file applications with the General Settlement Fund. more...


Categories of Property

The General Settlement Fund for Victims of National Socialism takes account of those categories of property which correspond to the range of property confiscations due to persecution during the NS period. more...


Insurance policies (§ 14 item 5 of the General Settlement Fund Law)

Subject to the General Settlement Fund Law, the Austrian Insurance Association (VVO) is obligated - as far as available - to publish lists of policy holders which may be victims of National Socialist property confiscation. Here you will find the according list as well as the explanatory text of the VVO: more...