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Gesture Payment

The National Fund of the Republic of Austria awards a gesture payment of EUR 5,087.10 (ATS 70,000) as acknowledgement for the NS injustice suffered.

As a matter of principle, this measure is for surviving victims of National Socialism. As a result, also those groups of victims are taken into consideration who previously did not receive any or only inadequate recognition, such as members of the Roma and Sinti, "Spiegelgrund children", victims of NS military justice or homosexuals.

There is no deadline for filing applications.

The National Fund Law also awards three further payments when the specific requirements are met:

  • Socially needy persons can receive a second and third payment.
  • As part of a project with limited budget, the "Hardship Compensation Fund" is available for those NS victims who do not completely meet the requírements for a symbolic payment, but where the dismissal of their cases would constitute a special hardship.
  • In 1998 the National Fund was entrusted with distributing the money from the Nazi Persecutee Relief Fund. It receives funds that have become available when several states waived their remaining amounts under the so-called "looted gold" (Raubgold). The National Fund administers the portion of these funds that accrue to the Republic of Austria. The money is used to support projects and to make individual payments to Holocaust survivors in need of assistance.