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Volume 6 of the series Decisions of the Arbitration Panel

Constitutional Court - Decision B 783/04-15

Dismissal of a complaint against an award by the Arbitration Panel for in rem restitution pursuant to the General Settlement Fund Law, as the disposition, which merits qualification as a negative recommendation to the responsible Federal Minister, lacks the character of an official decree; civil-law nature of the restitution claim. more...


Constitutional Court - Decision B 62/05-6, G5/05-6

Dismissal of the complaint against the dismissal of applications for restitution pursuant to the General Settlement Fund Law, as the dispositions of the Arbitration Panel for in rem restitution lack the character of official decrees; dismissal of individual applications for the revocation of provisions in the Habsburg Law and the Foundation and Fund Organization Act in the absence of the claimants' direct and current involvement and/or for lack of anyrelevant disclosures. more...


Provincial Governments and Municipal Councils

Apart from the Provinces of Carinthia and Upper Austria, who have passed independent restitution laws, also the Provinces of Burgenland, Lower Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Vorarlberg and the City of Vienna as well as the municipalities of Bad Ischl, Eisenstadt, Grieskirchen, Kittsee, Korneuburg, Mattersburg, Oberwart, Purkersdorf, Rechnitz, Stockerau, Vienna Neudorf and Vöcklabruck have joined the procedure of the Arbitration Panel. Below you can find German full text versions of the respective Opting-In decisions issued by the provincial governments and by the municipal councils. more...