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Bodies of the National Fund

The special responsibility of Austria vis-à-vis the victims of the NS regime is reflected by the fact that the National Fund is administered by the Parliamentary Directorate.

The President of the National Council chairs the Board of Trustees and the Committee, which are the governing bodies of the National Fund. From the establishment of the National Fund in 1995 until the year 2002 Dr. Heinz Fischer (SPÖ) held this position. From December 2002 until October 2006 Dr. Andreas Khol (ÖVP) was the chairman of the Board of Trustees and the Committee of the National Fund. The new chairperson of the Board of Curators is Mag. Barbara Prammer (SPÖ). Mag. Hannah M. Lessing has been the Secretary General of the National Fund since 1995.

The Board of Trustees is the supreme body, both of the National Fund and the General Settlement Fund for Victims of National Socialism. It is responsible, inter alia, for establishing the guidelines and the financial regulations for the payments under the two funds. The Committee decides on applications to the National Fund at its quarterly meetings. The Claims Committee is the respective body of the General Settlement Fund for dealing with applications.