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Austrian exhibition at Auschwitz

Entrance of the Austrian exhibition in Auschwitz

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Annual Report 2010/11

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Life Stories - Autobiographical Recollections

It is very important for the National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism to encourage society to come to terms with the events and consequences of the years of National Socialist rule in Austria. By recording life stories, the years 1938 to 1945 in Austria are documented from the victims' perspective. more...



Since 1996 the National Fund of the Republic of Austria for the Victims of National Socialism has been promoting projects that are both dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Nazi regime and for the benefit of the survivors of National Socialist persecution. more...


Compensation of Tenancy Rights

In 2001 the National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism was put in charge of paying compensation for withdrawn tenancy rights, household property, personal valuables and effects, on the basis of the Washington Agreement. more...


Restitution of Art Works

In 1998/1999 the National Fund of the Republic of Austria was assigned by law the responsibility to dispose of art works "without heirs" that had been transferred from public property, for the benefit of NS victims. more...


Task Force (ITF)

Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research - Arbeitsgruppe für Internationale Zusammenarbeit zum Holocaust: Bildung, Forschung und Gedenken. more...


The new exhibition at Auschwitz

Entrance to Block 17 at Auschwitz-Birkenau, where the Austrian exhibition is located (c) Lanzrath/Nationalfonds

National Fund publishes the call to tender for the new Austrian Auschwitz exhibition

Press Release of April 29, 2013 The call to tender for the renewal of the Austrian exhibition at the State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau, which first opened in 1978, will be published throughout Europe in May 2013. In a first step, the National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism, which has been entrusted with this undertaking, shall publish a call to tender for a Curator and a Scientific Director in cooperation with the Federal Chancellery. They shall be responsible for drawing up a concept for the exhibition in terms of its content. The call to tender for the exhibition design work shall be published at a later date. more...

The new Austrian exhibition will be located in Block 17 at the State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau. (c) HBF

National Fund publishes the call to tender for the new Austrian exhibition in Auschwitz

The bidding documents for the positions of Curator and Scientific Director for the redesign of the Austrian exhibition in the State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau were available until 13 June. more...

The entrance into the Austrian exhibition in block 17 of the former concentration camp and present State Museum at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland. (c) PMO/Tomasz Pielesz

"Austria in Auschwitz"

The Coordination of the Redesign of the Austrian Memorial Site in the Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau by the National Fund more...


New Exhibition - Update

Information on the present state of the Redesign of the Austrian Exhibition at the State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau more...


Life Stories of Applicants

 (c) Wilfried Blaschnek, Arthur Haas

Program to the book presentation: Volume 2 of "Lives Remembered. Life Stories of Victims of National Socialism"

On 7 March 2013 the National Fund and ESRA invited to a book presentation, reading and conversation with contemporary eyewitnesses. more...

Felice Mathur with her grandfather - the father of her father.  (c) Private Collection Felice Mathur

The luckier one

Felice Mathur Felice Mathur was born in 1920 in Vienna. Her father was Jewish. In 1939 she left Austria for Great Britain. Her father and her younger sister Grete perished in the Holocaust. Her mother died from cancer during the war. Today Mrs. Mathur lives in India. The following text is a letter written by Felice Mathur to the National Fund. more...

Adolf Papai with his dog in March 2010. (c) Walter Reichl

If it had lasted another year, there would have been none of us left

Adolf Papai Adolf Papai was born on 28th June 1931 in Langental in central Burgenland, where around 350 Roma lived in great poverty. Less than one third of them survived the National Socialist era. Together with many other Roma from Langental, Mr. Papai's father was deported to Buchenwald and murdered. Mr. Papai himself and his mother and siblings were put in the Lackenbach camp. more...

Two members of the Wehrmacht cutting up a slaughtered pig, 1941. (c) ÖNB / Heydecker

I was so terrified, I couldn't speak

Bartholomäus O. The Carinthian Slovene Bartholomäus O. was born in 1936, the fifth of eight children. His parents owned a small farm. His father also had to work as a forestry worker to supplement their income. more...



Applying for Project Grants

Here you can find all information and documents necessary for a project grant application. more...


Information sheet for the settlement of project accounts



Project Guidelines

The projects of the National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism are financed from two different sources. There is the budget item "project development", on the one hand, which is indicated in the National Fund Law (BGBl. 432/1995) and, on the other hand, there is money pursuant to the law on allocations to the International Fund for Victims of National Socialism ("Looted Gold" . BGBl. I 182/1998). more...


Explanations for the Applicant(s)