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Volume 6 of the series Decisions of the Arbitration Panel
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Decision Number 5/2004


  • X-Privatstiftung, Dismissal

Cadastral District, Province

  • Willendorf (Lower Austria)
  • Mürzsteg (Styria)
  • Krampen (Styria)
  • Vösendorf (Lower Austria)
  • Münchendorf (Lower Austria)
  • Laxenburg (Lower Austria)
  • Guntramsdorf (Lower Austria)
  • Weiten (Lower Austria)
  • Troibetsberg (Lower Austria)
  • Tottendorf (Lower Austria)
  • Streitwiesen (Lower Austria)
  • Rafles (Lower Austria)
  • Pöggstall (Lower Austria)
  • Nasting (Lower Austria)
  • Mürfelndorf (Lower Austria)
  • Muckendorf (Lower Austria)
  • Mollendorf (Lower Austria)
  • Jasenegg (Lower Austria)
  • Gerersdorf (Lower Austria)
  • Aschelberg (Lower Austria)
  • Arndorf (Lower Austria)
  • Schallemmersdorf (Lower Austria)
  • Rantenberg (Lower Austria)
  • Mödelsdorf (Lower Austria)
  • Grimsing (Lower Austria)
  • Gossam (Lower Austria)
  • Fahnsdorf (Lower Austria)
  • Emmersdorf (Lower Austria)
  • Loitzendorf (Lower Austria)
  • Friedersdorf (Lower Austria)
  • Aggsbach (Lower Austria)
  • Stopfenreuth (Lower Austria)
  • Markthof (Lower Austria)
  • Groißenbrunn (Lower Austria)
  • Engelhartstetten (Lower Austria)
  • Witzelsdorf (Lower Austria)
  • Straudorf (Lower Austria)
  • Schönau an der Donau (Lower Austria)
  • Rutzendorf (Lower Austria)
  • Pysdorf (Lower Austria)
  • Orth an der Donau (Lower Austria)
  • Mannsdorf (Lower Austria)
  • Haringsee (Lower Austria)
  • Großenzersdorf (Lower Austria)
  • Fuchsenbigl (Lower Austria)
  • Eckartsau (Lower Austria)
  • Breitstetten (Lower Austria)
  • Himberg (Lower Austria)
  • Fischamend Dorf (Lower Austria)
  • Wildungsmauer (Lower Austria)
  • Maria Ellend (Lower Austria)
  • Haslau an der Donau (Lower Austria)
  • Hainburg an der Donau (Lower Austria)
  • Möllersdorf (Lower Austria)
  • Schaltberg (Lower Austria)
  • Eßling (Vienna)
  • Landstraße (Vienna)
  • Innere Stadt (Vienna)
  • Alsergrund (Vienna)

Date of Decision: 2004-12-06
Type: substantive
Category of Assets: immovable


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The decisions, all of 6 December 2004, will soon be available to read up on in anonymous form on the website of the General Settlement Fund. With respect to the decisions 5/2004, 6/2004 and 7/2004 the Arbitration Panel is publishing the following press release:

Press Release on Decisions No. 5/2004, 6/2004 and 7/2004

Basis for Decision: Outside the jurisdiction of the Arbitration Panel or the scope of application of the GSF Law