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Volume 6 of the series Decisions of the Arbitration Panel
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Payment quotas and the payment process

The payment quotas for payments from the General settlement Fund were calculated on the basis of the decisions reached by the Claims Committee by 1 July 2009 and the means at the Fund's disposal. The aliquot distribution of the available means is regulated by these quotas on the basis of the determined property losses.

Payment quotas

Payment quotas of the General Settlement Fund
Process Advance Payment Closing Payment Total
Claims-based process 10 % 0.565150 % 10.565150 %
equity-based process 15 % 2.164658 % 17.164658 %
Insurance policies 15 % 5.736232 % 20.736232 %

In those cases for which applicants have received an advance payment, the payment already disbursed is deducted from the total determined payment quota (i.e. the remaining payment quota in cases paid in advance amount to 0.56 % in the claims-based process, 2.16 % in the equity-based process and 5.73 % for seized insurance policies).

For all decisions reached after 1st July 2009 or decisions revised due to an appeal or a reopening, the Federation [Bund] has made further means available in accordance with the determined payment quotas pursuant to para. 2 (1) of the General Settlement Fund Law.

The payment process

The applicants receive in information package in which the necessary steps for receiving the payment are explained. The enclosed table contains, on the one hand, a precise listing of the loss assessment, the payment quotas, the awarded sum and any advance payment already rendered and, on the other hand, the amount of the closing payment.

If an advance payment has already been rendered

A proof of identity is enclosed with the information package, which is to be filled out and returned to the General Settlement Fund by the applicants. Moreover, the bank account details entered by the applicant for the advance payment are stated and the transfer of the closing payment to this account is offered. In the case that the applicants desire the transfer of the amount to another account, there is a second, empty field for bank account details. The applicants are requested to confirm their bank details with a signature.

Furthermore, a letter from the Claims Committee is also enclosed with the information package for the applicants, which contains the adjudication of the total pro rata amount and any co-heirs involved in the proceedings.

Should documents (e.g. the proof of identity) not be returned to the Fund, the applicants are contacted one more.

If the advance payment has so far not been rendered

Those applicants, who until now have not received an advance payment, are requested to sign the enclosed waiver (applicants who have received an advance payment have already submitted one at this time), to have their signature confirmed by one of the cited authorities and to enter their bank details for the transfer of the closing payment. The applicants are also requested to confirm their bank account details by signature here.

If the co-heirs included in the proceedings have also not received an advance payment by this time, personalized proofs of identity for the co-heirs are also enclosed with the information package.

Upon receipt of the closing payment, the applicants will have received the sum total of that to which they are entitled. A further payment from the General Settlement Fund is not possible.

As far as possible, older applicants who were directly affected by National Socialist persecution will be prioritized during the implementation of the closing payments. The majority of applicants should have received the closing payment by the end of 2010.  +